Privacy Policy

We respect users’ privacy and committed to protecting personal data and information with this privacy policy. The website (the site is the property of ‘Jokesimages’ ( jointly as ‘we’ or ‘our’ and ‘us’). A website is specially designed for internet users. It serves the educational purpose and all the internet users who use this website come under the privacy policy. We are truly transparent and take the privacy policy very seriously and protects the user information or data.

Privacy Policy of the website ‘’

In this section, we discuss what data we take, why we take data and what we do with data of the user.

So, in the following section, you will find the policy which is covered and users will be accepting.


Whatever the information we collect is only to provide our website using the best possible content and services with great user experience.

Utilization of the Cookies

We make use of cookies to make access to the IP address. We need to keep the track on choices of the visitors about what they love about the persistent cookies and website cookies that are in use. Also, by knowing the past search on the website, it helps us to make sure that users get better content every time they browse the website, and visitors are informed about the latest content. We also try to ensure that we don’t give the same advertisement again and again on the user’s screen. A user would find various filters that help to customize the search and we make sure that the user gets the better result after the search. A user will find different keywords to get a specific result.

Email Subscribers and Unsubscribing

Many times, it happens that we ask for the user email address and location that helps to provide better services to visitors. Once we have the information about the user’s email address, we send promotional emails on time to make people better aware of the products and services that we provide. So, it totally depends on the users’ preference about the quotes, and it helps us to send email periodically on the given email address.

If you are not interested anymore to receive an email, we provide an option to unsubscribe the promotional emails. Hence a person does not receive email anymore once the user unsubscribes from the services. We provide this option at the footer of the page. Unsubscribing does not restrict the user from using the services we provide. User can still make use of services and products but the user won’t receive notifications. A website user will remain as the authentic registered user of Jokesimages and enjoy the services we offer.

Third-Party Application and Cookies

We also acquire your personal information such as name and email id. The server we use automatically detects the hardware and software used is using. So, to keep track of how many visitors visited the website, we keep on counting the IP Address of the users. There are various services which allow access to our website, we also collect the information based on what user searches and aggregate search. It totally depends on the products and pages, the website visitor has searched for, hence it helps to improve the content quality accordingly. Like in this way we keep on improving the interface of the website for the visitors.



All the ads visible on our websites are delivered to our website users by the advertising partners who would have set the cookies. These cookies allow the ad server to recognize the computer of the user every time, they send an online advertisement to the user that compiles the information about the user or others who uses the Computer. All the user information allows the ad networks to, among various other things to provide user-targeted advertisement that will be of users interested as we think. So, the privacy policy covers the use of cookies by the jokesimages and it does not cover the utilization of cookies by any of the advertisers.

Security Feature

We make sure that we protect the user data, hence we have implemented verity of the features related to security in our website. Our website is safe and secure to run since its under SSL and runs of the Https layer.

Use of External Links or Banners

So, if the user is interested in banner ads or any external links that are available on the Jokesimages website, we have a tie-up with various other companies which you may find of the interested. In the case, when someone visits the other websites from Jokesimages, we reserve the right to collect the information like domain type. The IP address and information on clickstream.

Software/application/ Scripts our website uses

Our website makes use of data analytics tools and technologies of the third party which is being used like Google Analytics and Double click Cookies that helps to obtain the non-personal information of the user.


European resident, so we do respect the GDRP and have clearly mentioned everything in our policy, nevertheless, if you would like to have more information, please write to our email at

Robotically Data Collection

Our website does not generate the content in the website robotically, rather whatever we publish is manually handpicked. We analyze the content and regularly monitored by the response time. All the information collected about the user is from the trusted partners, customer service agents, and market affiliates so it fulfills the marketing purpose. Our team never shares the user information with any other agency who is not partnered with us so to avoid any sort of breaching of the personal secrecy. However, we don’t share any sensitive information related to the user such as phone number with any third party.